Agnes Studio


We'd like to work with you.

We like to
get to know you. 

The core of what we do is branding: developing distinctive, fully-integrated identities and figuring out how to best convey them to their intended audiences. We work from a place of curiosity, intuition, and respect. Our work is long-lasting and rooted in classic design principles that we push as far as we can. We build visual languages that empower our clients and inspire their audiences to act, invest, explore, and love. 

We like solving complex problems through design solutions that are beautiful, simple, smart—maybe even funny. As your visual interpreters, we aim to create something engaging that represents your business, your values, your strengths. At the end of the day, we are our clients’ biggest fans.

but mighty.

As a small, experienced firm, we are just the right size. We work closely with you to create projects that are tailored and exceptional. We start by asking a lot of questions, pushing aside assumptions to find the unique, essential message that you need to communicate. Each project starts with research, sketches, concept development, and getting to the root of the design problem we’re trying to solve. We truly believe that our clients are our collaborators.

We also work with a talented network of architects, writers, industrial designers, interior architects, web programmers, photographers, and video producers—trusted experts in their own fields—who can make our clients’ projects sing big.

We create:

naming / brand identities / style guides / photography / brand refresh

stationery suites / packaging / books / ad campaigns / postcards / annual reports

signage / exhibitions / banners / wayfinding / public art / wallpaper

websites / ad campaigns / social media applications

REALLY, ANYTHING WE CAN DREAM UP (Because the details make the difference.)
buttons / t-shirts / totes / products / hats / uniforms / trains